Ideas to calm the overwhelm

July Newsletter

Hello friends

We know you’re all very busy so we want to keep this summer edition short and to the point.

Here at Living Teams HQ (Heart Quarters!) we try to use our own team experiences to inform the content of this newsletter.

One of the things we’re struggling with at the moment is overwhelm – there just seems to be too much going on in our lives and in the world…it can be…overwhelming.

Sound familiar?

This month we share with you the 4 steps that help us deal with this.

Andy’s going to talk about Step 1 ‘remembering why’ and Step 2 ‘making space’ then in Step 3, I share the importance of looking after your energies and finally in Step 4 Pippa talks about how being helpful to others is so important.

The challenge is to slow down and make the space to take these steps – let’s give it a go – and share the results – together we’re stronger.

Andy’s been reading a book!

He shares insights from “Universal Christ” by Richard Rohr – it will make you think.

Enjoy this edition of Campfire – we hope it brings life to you and your teams.

Tony, Andy and Pip

The “Living Teams” Team


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Steps 1 and 2

By Andy Denne

Step 1: Remember Why (Inspired by “Do Purpose” by David Hiaett).

Find your “Why”, find your love.  The most important brands in the world make you feel something. They do that because they have something they want to change. And as customers we want to be part of that change.

To help you build resilience get together and talk about the real meaning behind your business.

What is the change you want your customers to be proud of being part of?

Successful teams and businesses have a reason to exist over and above just to make a profit. They have a purpose.

Use everyone’s brains and hearts.  Give decisions time, look at them from many angles. Create disciplines where head and heart can both be involved in the decisions that you make.

Purpose is a multiplier of energy. To help you get clear on your purpose it sometimes helps to “define your enemy”.

It doesn’t have to be another company. It can be bad design.  It can be time wasting. It can be pollution. It can be ugliness. It can be bad service. It can be landfill. It can be complexity.

Pick your enemy well, as it will be your driver. This can become your purpose. Your fuel when you are tired out. Your reason to keep going when others call it a day. It will be why your customers prefer you over all the others. This is your purpose.  The thing that separates you from all the others.

Step 2: Make Space.

Make sure you take time as a team to help each other talk about how they are feeling.

When we talk together and practice generous listening and encouragement – we get stronger together.

The complexity and ambiguity of the world is very challenging. Nobody has done this before.  It is hard work.  We are all trying to navigate this world as best as we can. There is no need to be afraid of emotions – they are a critical piece of our intelligence and how we make sense of the world.

Step 3

By Tony Barton

Self-care, look after yourself; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How would you describe it – up, down, flat, bubbly, supercharged, gone AWOL?

What do you do if your energy is draining away?

How do you reverse a cycle of overwhelm and energy loss?

The only way is to make your energy THE top priority.

For me, it means making sure I get exercise most days or at least 4 x per week – it refreshes and recharges my energy – makes me more resilient – I can feel it in every cell of my being; physically, mentally, emotionally and yes, even spiritually.

What about you?

What are you doing to energise yourself and build your resilience?

What’s the one big thing that will really make a difference when you make it THE top priority?

Find it and then just do it – you’ll love yourself for putting yourself first for once.



Step 4 How can I help?

By Pippa Handford

Ok, I’ll admit it…. I love helping.  In fact, I can’t help but help! It’s instinctive.

Maybe it’s the dopamine rush or maybe it’s the fact it boosts my self-esteem but whatever it is, I simply feel good when I’ve been helpful.

We are not talking grand gestures here, just little every day things. And through these little helpful acts I’ve found it’s opened up new relationships for me, it’s also strengthened existing relationships and made them more fulfilling.

Being helpful is a two way thing and I’m blessed to have been on the receiving end of many helpful gifts.  Some of this help has simply brought a smile to my day or has made a particular task easier and some of this help has been life changing for me.

I have discovered that the amount of help you can offer is actually unimportant. The simple act of support is what matters. Just four words… “How can I help?”

When we feel supported we can become empowered to change. The positive energy created through helpful acts can be so powerful, not only for individuals but for teams as well. It can also be contagious.

So, in a time where there is so much going on in our lives and in the world, a simple offer of help can have a huge impact.  If everyone helps somebody else get stuff done, especially in a team, and if everyone is receiving being helped, that team is likely to be much stronger, more resilient and more connected.

Take a look around, it could be a work colleague, a family member or even a total stranger, who can you offer to help today?


Universal Christ

The deeper field of “Renewal”. An Invitation.

By Andy Denne

This is an invitation to look a little deeper with us. I offer these thoughts with humbleness.  As we go deeper together, in search of excellence, boundaries can blur…Perhaps – you can take this as a “tasty” morsel to stimulate your own practice of reflection…after all, we are all travellers together in the “quest” of the question “Who am I?”

There are a lot of “re-“ words that carry similar meanings.  Renewal. Rejuvenate. Resource. Recreate. Recharge.

When you are recharging, renewing yourself:  what is it within you that you are renewing?


Water reflects our emotions, when you gaze across the sea at a beautiful sunset – what in you is being recharged, touched by what your senses pick up?

When you admire the majesty of a glorious mountain range – what in you is touched, inspired and re-charged by this relationship with nature?

When you sit around the open flame of a campfire – what in you is being stimulated, recharged, renewed?

Holding the hand of a child, marvelling at a flower, listening with a smile on your face to the sounds of birds singing.  All these simple acts recharge us.  They recharge the part of us that recognises, knows and sees beauty.  Some philosophers point to the soul.

There are a lot of wounds in our world due to certain words that we use, and the terrible ways that we have treated each other and the planet in the past.  We cannot avoid how terrible we have been as a race.  But when we can avoid taking ourselves too seriously, we can still take a deeper dive into the topic. Referencing Richard Rohr, in his book “Universal Christ” he points to Three Great Virtues.  Faith, Hope and Love.

“Each of these Three Great Virtues must always include the other two in order to be authentic: love is always hopeful and faithful, hope is always loving and faithful, and faith is always loving and hopeful.”

Each virtue is created by the other two. It is a very powerful image.

I believe that wherever these 3 virtues live within us – that place/space within is what we heal and recharge and renew.

My invitation to you is to pause, reflect, go a little deeper and feel for yourself when you are renewing, recharging – what part in you is getting recharged?  How can we all create teams where the 3 Great Virtues are authentically flowing between us?  If we did, how unstoppable might we become? If we did, how might this give us the energy we need to tackle the enormous challenges ahead of us all as we help to heal our relationships with the planet and bring life to teams together?

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Living Teams Rock Moments 

“People help the people” by Birdy

The title says it all. Encouraging us to open our eyes and look around to see if anyone is in need of help.

Thank you for joining us around the campfire this month.

Take good care of yourselves and each other over the summer and we’ll see you again in September.

With love and respect

Tony, Andy, Pippa and all the coaches at Living Teams

The “Living Teams” Team